Batty Game


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Includes two family 4-player packs.

What is the Puzzle Game Batty?

Batty is the anywhere, anytime puzzle game of challenge and skill!

Batty® brings the elements of an ancient classic, The Tower of Hanoi, into the 21st century. However, the Tower of Hanoi’s formula is visible to the player via the disk set-up; Batty® heightens the challenge by randomizing the cards and burying the formula until all the randomized cards are eventually exposed.

More details on Batty

Made by the U.S. Playing Card Co., this Traditionally Cut deck has the classic looking Bicycle Mandolin back. The faces, pips and numbers are drawn by a Disney artist and illustrate things that drive us all Batty!

Batty! Brain Frying Fun for the Whole Family!

Watch a demo of the Batty game.