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DEALT film


“Dealt knocked me dead. I flip-flopped at least a dozen times, loving and hating Richard Turner for his bitter pride, his vulnerability, his pigheadedness, and his fanatical devotion to his art. But in the end, Turner, and the tough love of his family, won my heart. A great documentary!”
~ Raymond Teller from Penn & Teller Magicians


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What I’m watching — Dealt documentary
This absolutely blew my mind, and I don’t want to spoil it with description truly amazing. I can’t remember the last time I finished a documentary, only to want to immediately watch it again. I also can’t remember a doc that made me as emotional as this did, pushing me from laughter to tears. It is a masterful visual biography.”
~ Author and speaker Tim Ferriss, 2018


Richard, I just finished watching Dealt and I wanted to drop you a note and say that your story moved me immensely. It made me cry all the way to the end and I don’t remember the last time I cried. I admire your dedication and perseverance. Your character and story reinvigorated my passion for living a better life. I hope you appreciate that. I also want to congratulate you on your wife and the love and commitment you guys share, it’s truly beautiful! I wish you the best in your life. I will remember you as a legend and will make sure to share your story with people I care about. Hope to see you one day in person!
~ Ehsan H.


Hello! (I don’t know if this will go to Richard Turner, but what the hell, I feel the need to reach out to him in some way, if I can.) Can I just say that you are amazing? Absolutely amazing? I cried happy tears watching the documentary about you. You inspire people, like me, with your openness and talent. You are 1,000 times more incredible, rare, and groundbreaking BECAUSE of how you perceive things. I have dabbled with performing magic my entire life, and I’m awful, but at least I could see what I was doing. You take something I’m already impressed with and blew my mind with your skill! Please continue to share and perform. You give hope and inspiration to so many, and you are teaching people that no matter their circumstances, you can achieve anything.

God bless you and thank you.
~ Rachel H.


I first saw you on Fool Us and you blew my mind. I watched dozens of videos of you and then the documentary Dealt. I thought it was great! Today I saw my sister for the first time in a while and we were watching magic tricks on YouTube. I suggested we watch you on Penn and Teller’s show, and she surprised me. She had seen both that and DEALT! She liked it so much she wrote to you, and you responded back to her! It made her so happy, and I want to thank you for making us both happy.

~ John H.


Hello again, it’s Rachel from Kansas. I heard my brother got ahold of you after watching your documentary too, completely separately from me and he had no idea I messaged you either. And he and I both have never reached out to anyone of your caliber before, so what a coincidence! You really touched both of our hearts. And your voice-mail was so awesome as well. That day, I had lost a best friend to suicide, so your kind words were appreciated more than you’ll ever know. What a world. Thank you so much for reaching out to my family like you did. We both see you as a true inspiration. I genuinely hope you have a wonderful week and know that you made a difference to two Kansas siblings. If I could afford to donate to any of your projects, I would in a heartbeat. Thank you again,

~ Rachel H.


Hello Mr. Turner! I apologize in advance for my English, I am writing with the help of Google translator. My name is Marat. I live in a small country in the South Caucasus, in the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku. I will not take your time, so the letter will not be big. I have no suggestions or wishes, I just wanted to express my admiration and respect to you. After watching your film “DEALT”, I am still deeply impressed and am not letting go of the thought that people really don’t know what they are capable of. I started to get involved in cards, collecting them, and learning different tricks. I like to surprise people and see how they experience this feeling, when you seem to understand that this is just sleight of hand, but at the same time it resembles some kind of magic. Thank you for deciding to share your talent, experience and give motivation to those who can please people with their talent, and not use it for selfish purposes.

I wish you good health, prosperity, and success! Yours faithfully,
~ Marat from Azerbaijan


Hello Mr. Turner! First I want to start off by saying thank you so much for everything you have done for this world, you are truly inspiring leader and words just can’t describe how much you mean. After watching your documentary “DEALT” I got very emotional and I just couldn’t hold my tears ,you saved me when I was in the deepest point of my life, when everything was going the worst way possible, so I owe you so much gratitude and thankfulness. I wish you get to visit turkey one day; the magic community is not that big here but I’m sure that everyone would be more than happy to hear your story and meet you. Now days every time I hear someone complaining about life, I always tell them to go and watch your documentary, DEALT. I hope you read this, and you know that you help and inspire so many people much more than you can imagine!

Again, words can’t describe how much you helped me I can go all day long and it still won’t be enough. So, thank you from the bottom and second of my heart (I never had good jokes). I also want to thank Mrs. Kim for everything she did, I wish nothing but the best for you guys. I hope I can meet you guys one day and thank you in person for everything.
~ My name is Mazen, All the love and support from Turkey.


Much love from Australia to Richard and family. A true inspiration and I think the most highly skilled artisans I have ever seen. So many people are dealt a better hand and do less with it including myself. Dealt was a great deal of inspiration to me. One year you should come to Australia. I would be surprised if you had any difficulty booking as many shows as you wanted, and I’m pretty sure the family would love it. Anyway, Keep inspiring people!

~ Chris from Australia


Dear Richard, we saw DEALT last night in its entirety, and I was greatly moved. It was so good to hear your son and to get his perspective on growing up in a unique family. Also, to hear Kim’s honest sharing of the joy and challenges of your marriage. The other person whose perspective and insights were critical to your growth was Laurie. What an incredible scene at the end when she was teaching you on the computer and walking with the dog! That last interaction with the smart little girl (Makayla) who is on the same path as you..she is going to accomplish some big things!

Richard, what an incredible joy and privilege to now have you and Kim as my friends! I want to know more about you, to hear all that God is doing and teaching you, and see life through your eyes of faith. I love your joy of living and your teachable spirit. I am giving thanks to God for allowing our paths to cross…and for the deep encouragement you bring to my soul.

~ Dr. Greg E., Vascular Surgeon, teaches surgical education in Chogoria, Kenya and Goma, Congo


I am sure you get lots of people asking about meeting Mr. Turner, but I still have to ask. My son is blind and has inoperable brain cancer that started on his optic nerve that he was pretty much born with. He is 16 now and has been on chemotherapy for most of his life and probably always will be, we are so proud of him because he also does not let it slow him down. Is there a way that if Mr. Turner is ever in the Pacific Northwest that we maybe get a head’s up? We will buy tickets for him. He saw the trailer for the documentary “DEALT” and the first thing he said was “Wow” and “How do I meet this man”. I completely understand if it’s not possible, so we bought the DVD and if it’s ok he would like permission to show it to the rest of the blind children in his group. Thank You, and from the parents of a blind child you are also an important model for us to never say you can’t do that because you are blind.

~ Raymond B.


Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like I am at absolute rock bottom in my life, and to learn about Richard and his story just inspired me like no other. Words cannot say how grateful I am to be able to learn about Richard’s life. A true legend, and my new role model. This story means so much to me. I have such a hard time getting through each day living in my father’s shadow running his business. This story just makes me want to break away and accomplish anything. This story makes me feel like I won’t always be depressed. Thank you!!!  Incredible, incredible human.

~ Scott L.


Dear Richard, I hope this message finds you well. I’m sending you regards from myself and my wife Rebecca in New Zealand. Tonight, we had the pleasure of watching your documentary ‘Delt’ on Netflix. We truly feel blessed we were able to watch and see your amazing story and journey and incredible family. You are truly an inspiration to so many people and also us. An incredible talent that you have created through constant commitment and dedication to your passion in life. Thank you for sharing and we wish you and your amazing family every success in the future. God Bless,

~ Jess & Rebecca (Auckland, New Zealand)


Richard, as an almost 50-year fan of magic and sleight of hand I was aware of you were and what you could do from all of your TV appearances. I honestly always just thought of you as that amazing card shark who dresses like a cool old west gambler for years. I had no idea about your vision until yesterday when I watched your interview with Patrick Bet-David followed by your documentary Dealt. Now, I have a new hero something I never thought I would have at my age. I feel like a kid again at what is possible in the world. Thank you for that. You are a true inspiration. I’m no good at cards…but I am buying some of yours and I would love to work out with you someday. God Bless you and thank you!
~ John L.


I’m 16 minutes into your show on Netflix in Australia. And I just wanted to say your amazing.

I can’t wait to finish it, so I’m signing off to do just that. So, I just had to send you that message.

~ Adam W. from Australia


Mr. Turner, I live in Chicago and recently watched your documentary on Hulu. I was blown away by your story and amazed by your lifelong experiences and accomplishments. Your discipline, routine, commitment, family values, loving loyalty to the woman that shines brighter than you yet allow you to hold the spotlight, your God fearingness, and the role of a father you made with your son as well as the love and guidance is admirable and similar to many stories in the inner city of Chicago. I might not make sense now and you probably won’t ever see this message, regardless I wanted to “give credit where credit is due” as we say in Chicago…. It is great you visited our city! However, it would have really been more impact full if you could have inspired the one’s who never have the privilege to witness talent by an awe-inspiring person in real life. God bless you and I wish you and your family the best. If you ever come back please feel free to look me up because I have a true city of fans that would be impacted by your presence more than a tutor, teacher, preacher, or counselor could ever have.
~ John M.


Hi Richard, my wife and I just watched your movie dealt on Netflix. I was so incredibly inspired that I had to get in touch to say thank you for sharing your story so openly and vulnerably with the world. What an amazing impact it has had on me! I feel incredibly energized, impacted, and inspired, so thank you. Blessings,
 ~ Josh K.


I’m just watching your documentary on Netflix in London. Wow wow wow. What a phenomenal man you are. You’ve blown me away. Would love to come and see you perform live. Do you tour at all? I’d even come to the States to see you. Thanks for inspiring me. Regards.
~ Andrew S.


As a man who often finds himself up at all hours, or possibly sleeping at odd ones, it’s in these quiet moments I find the most interesting artifacts. I remember seeing Mr. Turner on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, on YouTube no less. That was my introduction to him. And while I didn’t research him more after my viewing, what he’d said when he ushered them back to their chairs…well, those words remark a kind of caliper that can go easily aside. And that viewing made me dig deeper. I recently saw Mr. Turner on ValueTainment, and his stories intrigued me even more – so much so that it’s 6:20AM on the east coast and I just finished watching his documentary, Dealt. I have nothing but questions; though while I don’t think I’d find resolve in answers unearthed; I think there’s quite a lot of new perspective I’ve not seen. Though I wear glasses, my problem was never my eyesight – I was bitten by a dog at 12 and lost the hair on my body, completely. Alopecia Universalis. A bummer for most going into high school – but I’ve certainly made the best of it. And I guess that’s where this ends. I’m now 33 and doing well for myself – to that end, I’d absolutely schedule a performance. Really, I’m incredibly interested in seeing the skill that someone has run toward, instead of, away from. I’ve spent a good part of my life trying to do the latter – but there is that anecdote that, “a man will often meet his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” (I think accept the cost of a performance – I know that I’d have no trouble in finding friends that would be absolutely mystified by what Mr. Turner does. So please feel free to reach back out to me – my name is Ryan, and it has been a pleasure writing this message. If nothing else, let it serve as a ‘thank you’ to someone I’ve found inspirational.
~ Ryan M., Pittsburgh


I got to sit down and watch the Dealt DVD tonight and just finished. Incredible.

“I love the way I see” was the most powerful line in the movie for me. Richard and Kim, you two are such a great example of a power couple and I will share the DVD with my wife as we strive to find God’s will for our life. We celebrate two years of marriage in a month. 

Your story spoke to my heart not because of blindness but because of overcoming adversity, leaning into prayer, and loving one another. You too are a wonderful example parents and husband and wife…Thank you for sharing your story with the world.
~ Larry W., State Trooper


Richard, I just watched the movie “DEALT” last night on my Apple TV. Very well produced. Great to finally put some faces to your wife, son, and sister—they all seem like a great group to share life with. It’s been a ride for you my friend, and I am very happy for your success and achievements. That you are still alive is the big surprise! The clips and pics of the younger-you, when we kicked around San Diego, brought back some great memories. Especially the image of you biting a shark on the snout; reminded me of our shark fishing expedition in Randy’s little Boston Whaler. Anyway… loved the movie, and very proud and pleased to able to point you out and say to my friends and family, “That’s my friend! I know that guy!” Cheers!
~ Greg S.


Hi Richard! I have 13-year-old boy/girl twins, named Ryan and Ava. I like them to watch documentaries, as I feel it is so important to learn and be inspired. I myself watch a lot of documentaries. I have to say, your story is so extraordinary and inspiring. We all loved “Dealt”. When the film finished, and I was about to tuck my son Ryan in for bed, he was already practicing how to fan his cards better. You have inspired him so much I can tell, (he already has a pile of magic books and card trick books from the library). Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with the world.
~ Kathy in Colorado


Dear Mr. Turner got a pleasant surprise picture message from my friend in WV last night. If I did not have ears on the side of my head, my smile would have gone right around. Mr Turner, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I cannot put into words just how grateful I am for the kind gesture that you have shown towards me. It is an absolute ‘dream come true’. You are living proof that there are still some kindhearted and caring people left in this world. May you be blessed in ways that you didn’t know was possible. Best of luck with your future endeavors. You are an absolute star and a legend for signing those cards for me.

You Sir have touched this fan’s heart.

Best wishes,
~ Andre M.


Hello, I wished to ask Mr. Turner a question. I do suffer from laziness and procrastination, mostly due to the fact I have very low energy. I’m anemic (very low iron count) and have hypothyroidism (very low thyroid output). I still dream of one day becoming an amazing person who has done incredible things. I have a whole host of minor issues such as those that make things difficult, but I’ve still manage to do quite a bit of the most amazing things. My question is more-so on his advice on how I could further myself to become less useless, and be an incredible person… I feel he is truly a hero to those of us who have gigantic stupid lists of issues…On a side note I agree with him, all of my issues are partly a blessing, even the mental ones. I see the world in a different way and am forced to become stronger to adapt. So, a thank you to him for really showing people up is in order. Thank you, Mr. Turner.

~ Jo R., a nobody


I watched your documentary Dealt 🙂 You’re the very best. I hope that one day our paths cross. You are a living legend and not only does your card work inspire to work on perfection of craft of magic/card mechanics, but your martial arts work inspires to fight no matter what the hand you got dealt might be. I know you are strict with your time so I will not bother any further. I feel like you are my friend already, Richard. Best regards,  
~ Stjepan from Croatia


Richard, I’ve been a hobbyist magician for almost 30 years now and wanted to say you are the most impressive card mechanic I have ever seen. There are certain things I have worked on during that time, like developing a feel for a precise number of cards, that you make look very easy. My favorite part of the movie Dealt was just seeing the pleasure in your eyes as you handle a pack of cards. I used to sit for hours as a kid just shuffling and enjoying the feel of a deck in my hands. Your dedication to personal development and refusal to be anything other than the best version of yourself that you can be has been an inspiration to me for many years. Thank you for that.

Have a great day my friend. Blessings to you and yours.
~ Jerome A.


Good day Mister Turner, my name is Max, I am 26 years old and have been working with my hands as a mechanic (fixing things not games) for about 15 years and it’s actually inconceivable for me what you do with yours. I spent the last 20-25 hours awake reading about you and watching you do what you do, and it disgusts me in a really good way. Just imagining what you could theoretically do or are able to do with your bare hands right now is outstanding in every way. I have never been a fan of magic or any of that sort but that’s not what you do, and you still make it look like it is. I couldn’t care less about your lack of sight because in my opinion it wouldn’t add any value to what you do but is more of a distraction to people not knowing you. What amazes me the most about you is your brain. I was always able to pick apart fairly complicated mechanical things in my head and find a solution to a problem without laying hands on it and thought I was pretty good at what I am doing. Now I know I am not- but don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing since I am usually, what people would call, a lazy person. But thanks to you I will get off my little Pony and work on exactly what you have been preaching and practicing: which is becoming flawless in what I do. To me you are the single most accomplished and whole person anyone can aspire to be. I highly appreciate what you did and what you will do. Thank you from all my heart for opening your mind to others and giving us a glimpse of what the human brain and especially you are capable of. I hope you and your family will stay healthy and live long and prosperous lives.
A fan from Germany,
~ Max G.


Hi Richard, I hope you and your family are doing really well. I just finishing watching your documentary on Netflix having never heard of you or having no real interest in cards. However, having now completed my viewing I would just like to say your commitment to your profession and attitude to life is inspirational. All the very best for the future.
~ Scott Y. (from a little village in Scotland called Lesmahagow)


Richard, I hope this gets to you personally as I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. You are a huge inspiration to me, and I don’t even touch cards. It was your message of “laziness and procrastination” are the worst disabilities, that rattled me to my core. I feel like there were many times in my life that I’ve heard versions of this advice but hearing it from you made it finally register. Your life story made me want to do more with my life and since watching and reading about you in 2017, much has changed for the better. I now have a house and planning a wedding! I honestly attribute part of these big successes to you because you made me finally get up off my ass! You are an inspiration to us all and I wish you and your family all the best.
Thank you again,
~ Zack S.


Dear Richard Turner. Thank you for inspiring me with your hard work, your incredible achievements and your beliefs such as “Don’t let anyone tell you that something is impossible or can’t be done. Thank you, you will remain an inspiration to me, many others, and many future generations.
~ Andre, Cape Town, South Africa


Hi Richard and Kim,
My husband Dean has an eye disease called RP and Richard you are so much like my husband Dean. He thinks the same as you he was bought up normal he hates his cane. He races tandem bikes, and he is an Ironman. I wish you would do a show here in Brisbane Australia as he would love to go to your show. I totally relate with what Kim said she feels sometimes like a Guide dog lol anyway I just thought I would say hi.
~ Dean and Donna


I just wanted to say that Richard, you are a complete inspiration and I hope you pass on your skills. I thoroughly enjoy your entertainment, you’re the epitome of dedication. They say 10,000 his makes you an expert, Richard, you’re close to a God!
God bless you and your family.
~ Ashley G. — a fan


Hi Richard! I just wanted to say that I feel very inspired by your dedication and your accomplishments! I am what you probably consider a very disabled person being both lazy and procrastinating all the time. I do however feel like I am similar to you in many ways. I am persevering but I’m also not inclined to admit my weaknesses. I want to improve myself and find something that I too could master. I may not have been playing the game right up until now but I’m looking for ways to make the best out of my current hand. How do you stay so dedicated? And what do you think you’d been doing if you hadn’t taken up the cards? I’d like to also have something that I could practice all the time every day but out of my interests music would be the only one I could do that with. And it’s obviously not as subtle as practicing with a deck of cards. Oh, and I’m not sure you can answer this but what do you do if a deck of cards is all out of order? Do you just take a new one or how do you know how to put the cards back in order?

Kind Regards,
~ Elias G., A Swedish fan


Richard and Team – Just wanted to say your life is truly an inspiration and it made me really think what hard work and perseverance can really do. Through a bit of hard work every day eventually you can achieve the impossible. I watched Dealt over a year ago and recently I thought the film moved me so much that I made my wife watch it on a recent plane ride. We’re both from Australia and we hope to one day see Richard in the flesh doing what he does best. All the best to you and family!
~ Lambert K.


Hi, how are you? I just wanted to say thank you. We live in New Zealand, and as a family spent the morning watching your movie and YouTube clips. My two young girls who are 8 and 5 are in awe of you as a person and the talent you have. We are saving to return to LA next year. We missed the opportunity going to magic castle show when we stayed at the magic castle hotel due to the girls age. On my bucket list, and will knock it over on the next visit. You have flicked a switch inside me and made me take stock of my life. With the holidays here I will continue in thought while I reset my goals. If you make it down to New Zealand I would love to share what we have down here.

Thank you, and well wishes to you and the family.
~ Matt J. and family. And now a new fan


Good evening, I’m a big fan of Richard and I was wondering if he has any plans to visit Ireland? I’d would love to take my son to meet him. Kind regards!
~ Jonathan S.


Absolutely…..great pleasure and entertainment…..the perfection of your mechanics performances….my God…those new videos are VERY welcome…I am devouring all of them….I already bought all your DVDs from various resellers (of course digging for the original ones here in China haha) and yes,  I have seen Dealt (more than one time actually), with my VPN, since internet is 80% blocked here! When I read Hong Kong……the other shows would be hard to go to (I will be stuck here probably at least until the Chinese New Year in February…I hope….my mom is going crazy….2 years already in China without going back, and I left when she could not even hug me because she was in isolation for the transplant for her leukemia….but Hong Kong…. I literally live 100m from the border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen….it’s still closed, but soon I hope…..and if your producers do something here….there is no chance I will not be in the first row!

P.S. I am happy to hear about your shoulder… even if I literally KNEW that it could not stop you!! Not even in a million years!
~ Francesco N., Shenzhen, China


Thank you so much for your kind answer and for the extremely valuable list of materials you provided me! I knew you are kind with your fans, but this is AGAIN proof that you are the best….card or human perspective! Ha ha ha ha, of course I managed! All is blocked, but I always find ways to cheat internet blocks! I watched all, and I am watching then again and again! And every time is like the first, even if I know or guess some of the controls you use, because of my card books collection or because you just said it, I absolutely cannot catch you doing them….to me what you do is beautiful! I never get tired of watching! The routines are crazy, but the actual execution is what leaves me like a kid in front of the Christmas presents the 25 morning! I am happy to hear that (as I imagined) you already are 100% back in the (controlled ha-ha) game! I send to you a wish of fast recovery from the operation, even if I know already that you will, being as strong as you are! I hope to be able one day to catch one of your rare shows live…or have the opportunity to meet! Again, all my admiration and respect, Cesco, Shenzhen.

PS: Fun fact…. There are less than 5 humans in the world that I can say I admire, and you being one of them, when I saw the beautiful surprise of your answer, from the heights of my 37 years….I called my parents like a child with a new toy, to tell them!

Thank you!

With all my respect and admiration,
~ Francesco N., Principal Trombone, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra


Dear Mr. Turner: I just want to thank you, your wife, Kim, and son, Asa, for the inspiration regarding love, perseverance, family, and faith in your documentary “Dealt.” It was just the medicine that I needed. I am campus counsel for the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and it has been hard to keep up both the energy and faith with all of the extra trauma and work due to COVID. Thanks for the kick in the arse that I needed reflected by your example of how you live each day. I won’t forget.
~ Christine H.


Dear Mr Turner. I’m sure you receive a lot of fan mail, but I felt so compelled to send you one anyways . I had just watched your life story in the documentary “Dealt”. Seeing the different stages of acceptance that you have gone through and are succeeding at is a complete inspiration. You’re charisma, charm, and openness is something to be proud of. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing a big part of you’re inner self. It has done things for me that will hopefully move me towards the same level of acceptance. Just wanted to pass that on and say keep on, keeping on, you are a living legend when it comes to showmanship.

~ Robert W.


Hi, Richard! I had the pleasure of watching “Dealt” last night ( download). Wow! What a show! Very powerful! I thought it would be primarily about you performing, but was delighted to see it was more about you personally. How great that your whole family got involved! You’re a lucky guy to have such a loving family. We’ve met. I had the pleasure of chatting with you in Colon, Michigan during Abbott’s “Get-Together.” It was just before your lecture, and it was raining cats and dogs outside, as I recall. Can’t wait to see what next you have “up your sleeve.”
A huge fan,
~ Steve I.


Richard, I saw you on Penn & Teller Fool Us…then I watched your documentary, “DEALT.” Thank you for being you! I am inspired by your dedication and the hard work you continue to put in to be the master you are. The authentic self…beautiful. I am grateful and am better for coming across your light. Keep kicking ass! Your friend in Massachusetts
~ Michael A.


Good afternoon, Mr. Turner! I would like to know if you have any performance scheduled . I have been fascinated with what you have accomplished since I seen your documentary “DEALT” while traveling in the plane. you have motivated me to become better, to become the best and not stop till I have achieved what I set out to. your card magic is impressive but honestly, I am even more amazed by you as a person, yes as Mr. Richard Turner. Thanks for letting me know where I could eventually shake your hand and thank you in person.
~Patrick V.


Hello. I understand that my question will sound rather trite, and you most likely get them in abundance, but still, I will ask. I heard a lot about you and watched a lot of your interviews. I want to ask how a person who has found his place in life, what advice can you give who has not found him? I am not interested in much and I can hardly do anything except work and live only from paycheck to paycheck. Of course, you cannot answer, most likely this message will not even reach you. I just naively wrote to you to get an answer from you.
~ Artem B.


Hi Richard, hold on to that spirit and thanks for making me feel good about myself, you are truly inspiring and making lives better.
~ Wayne F. & Dee F.


To Mr. Turner & Family, my name is Jayme. My wife and I loved your film “Dealt”. We just finished watching it. Mr. Turner, you embody the spirit of what we feel the world should embrace. You are an absolute legend and a phenomenal person. You have inspired us to do more with our time and to collect more experiences. We think your family is brilliant! All the best in the New Year, and to many more successful years to come.
~ Jayme & Liz


Hi Richard, my name is Sean and I live in Ireland, and I have a disability which effects my body and hands. Makes them shaky but I love playing poker as a hobby. Couldn’t deal cards for years and I was very embarrassed but then I seen you online and you were an inspiration. Long story short I can deal now normally or close to it. Anyway, I’d just like to say thank you for the inspiration!
~ Sean M.


Hi Richard, just watched your documentary (DEALT) and am so moved by how very clearly God has always had his hand on your life. It wasn’t overt in the story, but it was easy to see who holds you and your family in His wonderful hands. So glad you shared it. “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:9

Bless you and your beautiful wife!!
~ Jennifer W., Thousand Oaks, California


Hello Mr. Turner! I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I would like to ask you what your favorite deck of cards is for sleight of hand? My partner, Stuart, lost his sight 13 years ago following an illness and learning sleight of hand has helped him manage his pain condition and definitely saved his sanity! I would like to put together a collection of his favorite magician’s favorite decks of cards. He first came across your work not long after he came out of hospital and was adapting to life without sight, and I cannot tell you how much you helped him. I believe he contacted you a couple of years ago and he was overwhelmed with your response. I’m so sorry this email has been longer than I planned. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and for your help best wishes,
~ Pam J.


Hello, Richard! I just finished watching the Japanese TV special, “Only Number One Knows.” Asa was kind enough to provide a link. Congratulations! Somehow you manage to excel in the most trying of circumstances! The pressure of a live TV audience, hot studio lights, TV cameras everywhere, Mr. Maric watching your every move, and everyone speaking a language you couldn’t possibly understand. Eeek! Could there be a more stressful environment in which to perform? All of America is proud of you! Thanks for your courage, tenacity, and talent!

~ Steve I.


Dear Mr. Turner! Thank you for your inspiration! So thankful for the internet and YouTube! Found you a few months ago and so love to take part of your talent, your inspiration, and your take on things! Among other things I am struggling finishing my book about our life journey, and love looking at the MIT lecture for inspiration! Best regards,
~ Peter H. in Sweden


I just watched Richard Turner on ValueTainment, and I just think he is one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever seen! I just want to say God bless you and I will definitely spread the word of this man! He is amazing with an amazing life, and he makes me so happy! God bless.
Kate A.


Dear Richard, I’m Alex from Russia.
I wanted to tell you a story about my mom. I told her to watch DEALT. An hour and a half later I found her crying in the kitchen and asked, “Momma, why are you crying? She said, I was so touched from DEALT. Son you are gonna promise me two things. I know I’ll never have the chance to meet Richard personally. So, I’m gonna write a letter to him and you are going to give it to him. And I’m also going to go buy him a present and I want you to promise me that you will give him the letter and my present!”


Dear Richard,
[Translated from Russian] Yesterday I watched a movie about you and my son saw me sobbing about this activity tonight. I dreamed of you and did not want to talk to him. But I thought that since God is in each of us means I can work on the embarrassment. I have to do what I want, and I want to express my admiration for you and recognition. You’ll ask why “recognition? Because we are Russians too, living contrary to overcoming external circumstances. And these young  people who are now overcoming loosely and the art of illusions is not interesting to implement in our country. But their fans like you, can’t help but do it. They still have to overcome external and internal demons to reach your heights in the profession. But they know there are you who did it. I know that you appreciate tactile sensations and there for I want to give you as a keepsake a Rosary that gives more voluminous tactile sensations than cards. Sometimes when you get tired of twisting cards in your hands you will take these Rosaries beads from a  carnelian pearl and twirl them for a few minutes and remember in Russia there are also people that love you, and feel our warmth. I do not tell you take care of yourself because the Lord protects you. Do not share this letter to your wife because there is often a declaration of love so that she does not be jealous. This is a joke in case my letter feels too pretentious to you. See you next time.

~ My name is Nelly from Moscow, Russia

P.S. Richard Turner here. I got this letter and heard that Nelly said she would never have the chance to meet me. So, I surprised her and showed up at her Russian flat with a personalized signed copy of “DEALT” for her and did a full show for her and her son. Their tears flowed continually from the moment I arrived to the moment I left.

To watch the visit with Nelly: The Russian Letter