Richard Turner is a phenomenon who creates, dazzles, entertains, and motivates.


A serialized version of Richard's magician life story


A documentary film about Richard's amazing life

Speaker & Performer

A motivational speaker who also entertains.


DVDs, Playing Cards, Books, and more

Get your Special Edition "DEALT" DVD!

Get a numbered “DEALT” DVD signed by Richard Turner, plus a signed promotional “DEALT” deck, and two Gold Seal Bicycle Decks. (Available in the USA only)

“Richard is an inspiring magician figure, not just because he is without doubt one of the best card mechanics you’ll ever see, but because he interweaves his skill and showmanship with an inspirational story that is very suited to a corporate event audience. His program 'Winning with the Hand you have been DEALT' is a trip through his life and experience with lessons that apply to everyone who witnesses it. Funny, moving, and compelling, Richard tells his extraordinary tale accompanied by the most astonishing card manipulations imaginable. It will leave audiences inspired to win against the obstacles they have been dealt in their own lives”

~Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America

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