For your viewing pleasure, we present a few of the many videos of Richard Turner’s career. There’s something here for everyone: pasteboard wizardry, comedy, karate, and even surgery!

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1. CBS This morning:

2. Richard Turner Performs Blindfolded

3. Richard Live Magic Castle Episode 1

4. Richard Live Magic Castle Episode 2

5. Richard Live Magic Castle Episode 3

6. Richard Live Magic Castle Episode 4

7. Oscar Nominated “Tree of Life” Richard cheating Brad Pitt

8. Toronto TV show in 2012

9. BBC Paul Daniel’s Show in 1995

10. Japanese TV Show in 1985

11. That’s Incredible in 1982

12. Richard’s Mentor, Professor Dai Vernon, 12-Minute TV Interview in 1987

13. Karate Master Richard Turner

14. Richard Feeding a Million dollar Thumb to a 7-Foot Sailfish

15. Alex Stone on NPR: The Amazing Richard Turner

16. China Central TV (CCTV) a Feature Piece on Richard

17. Actor Ryan Styles Cutting Aces with Richard

18. Actor Comedian Ryan Styles Experiences Richard’s Touch

19. Asa Spades watching Richard’s Open Travelers in 2005

20. Colin Powell cuts the Aces with Richard

21. Comedian Ryan Styles Shuffling with Richard

22. Richard Rolling 8 Coins Around the Knuckles of One Hand

23. Richard’s Brain Teasers, Triangle with One Hand, Star with the other

24. Richard Breaking Things, ouch!

25. Richard Cutting Deuces and Aces 1982

26. China Wants 38 Cards

27. Richard Explains Brain Disciplines

28. Richard’s Magic Castle constructed from 200,000 cards

29. Richard Talks About Winning

30. Richard Playing the Nut Cracker, ouch!

31. Richard eggs from mouth, Mime Magic 1977

32. Richard, Japanese TV Show; How many business cards do I have?

33. Richard The Gambling Man Mime 1977

34. Richard’s England Longitudinal One Handed Shuffle Strip Out

35. Richard’s Matrix

36. Richard’s One Handed Triumph

37. Richard’s Strength Measurement, 4th Degree Black Belt

38. Richard’s Sidekick Miss Guided with Sec State Colin Powell

39. More Miss Guided

40. Paul Daniels TV Show, Richard’s 2 Deck Triumph

41. Chinese Go Mad for Three Card Monte

42. Double Switch NO Double Lift

43. Mobs of Chinese Swarm for Richard’s Chicken Scratches

44. Richard Cheating at Black Jack

45. 10 Black Belt Fights, Richard Getting the Crap Kicked out of Him

46. Richard Turner’s Perfect Riffle Farro

47. Richard’s Push Off and Invisible Side Sweep Second

48. Richard’s Seesaw Bottom Deal

49. Richard’s Ultimate Force

50. Served up a Nice Piece of Ass in Chong Qing China

51. Ultimate Card Location borrowed from deck of Magician in Guangzhou China

52. Crushed Dealing Thumb Surgery “(WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)”

53. Crushed Dealing Thumb Feature “(WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)”