Fans, Flourishes, and False Shuffles DVD Package


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Richard Turner’s DVD on 40 fancy flourishes and false shuffles is a first-class production that teaches you how to perform with finesse.

  • Lots of clips from shows … like where he does his two deck triumph, where red and blue cards are shuffled into each other, ending with a one-handed shuffle in each hand — then everything is restored with each deck in a different numerical order.
  • Stories… like when Albert Goshman threw his coins at Richard after he couldn’t do Richard’s two direction coin roll.
  • Magic training exercises to help both hands work independently of each other.
  • As technicians, card men and magicians are excellent at entertaining peers, but they lack the finesse it takes to make a living in the layman’s world. Simple additions to the most technical applications can change the viewing audience’s response, hence moving routines from a raw technical effect to a visual masterpiece.

In this 105-minute DVD, Richard reveals some of the fans, flourishes, and false shuffles that he has employed to bring “visual punch” to his remarkable routines. The visual artistry taught by Richard ranges from simple to advanced. Each manipulation is shown in real time, then in slow motion, and then followed by a step by step explanation.

Sixteen Flourishes are taught — many of them original to Richard — such as the Asa Spades Fan, the Cross Faro Fan, and the One-Hand Shuffle. You’ll also learn many ways to use flourishes to control cards, such as with Turner’s Assembly Line Shuffle, One-Handed Triple Cut with Back flip, and Longitudinal One-Handed Shuffle Strip-Out.

For the coin magicians, Richard has included a segment outlining 12 ways to juggle coins, including the eight-coin roll and two coins going opposite directions on the same hand. In the Retro Magic segment, you’ll learn Richard’s One-Handed Triumph, a baffling four card Do-as-I-do puzzle, and his Matrix Routine that ends with a five pound gold piece! All this and old footage from past performances make this DVD a must for any collector of magic.

This package includes: Two free decks of Traditionally Cut Bicycle Playing Cards, and two Batty Games.

Watch a preview of Fans, Flourishes, and False Shuffles.