Talk about Richard Turner

Richard Gambler photo

Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer interviews a number of authors  including Alex Stone who writes about Richard Turner. You can watch the interview at Diving into dark depths of fiction – lighter with magic. Richard is mentioned after the commercials then at 10 minutes into the piece.

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Fooling Houdini

"Fooling Houdini" book

“Fooling Houdini,” the new book from Harper Collins by Alex Stone, hit the market June 19. The press release about the book states: Venturing from the Las Vegas Strip to the halls of academia, FOOLING HOUDINI traces the history of magic and the impact of its seminal moments, spotlighting the contributions of famous headliners and…

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Richard Turner, Mentor to the Spirit?

The December issue of D. C. Comic “The Spirit” is all about magic, and The Spirit solves the murder of Ogden Thompson, a very famous magician/magic inventor. On the first frame (shown between the cover and full page image), Whit Haydn, Richard Turner, and Johnny “Ace” Palmer are named by The Spirit as the top…

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