Arabia: BioVlog 146 of 384

I’m finishing getting dressed for my show when the phone rings. I answer it, and a strongly accented voice says, “Mr. Turner, we would like to talk about a private deal.”  

My standard reply to such offers is to always send business to my venue so, I reply, “Meet me aboard the Ruben E. Lee.” 

Blowers drops-me off, and as soon as I board the manager escorts me as he says excitedly, “There are some foreigners waiting for you in the back.” 

It is a party of five men of Middle-Eastern descent. The interpreter says very softly, “Mr. Turner, we are from Arabia, and I’m the only one that speaks English. “He throws a stack of bills on my table and says critically, “Let’s see how skillful you are with the cards.” 

As the riverboat softly rocks I demonstrate some of my most difficult moves and controls.

Impressed, the interpreter quietly says, “We’ll pay 10,000 a week for you to come to the Middle East and play cards with oil tycoons.”  

I knew exactly what that meant and the risks involved. Without any hesitation, I reply, “No, thanks!”

The interpreter is very shocked and irate at the refusal. He says with a clipped, angry accent, “What! You’re turning down 10,000 a week?”

I casually say in my best Bret Maverick voice, “Yep.”

Live Show, Winning Against a House Dealer