Black Kettle Calling the Kettle Black: BioVlog 132 of 384

I’m back aboard the boat, a lawyer I know as Tony T pulls me aside and says looking this way and that, “I’m an Attorney, and we are all in the same business – cheating people! I’ve seen your show many times and know about your skills. Your moves are invisible. I would like you to help me take down two lawyers and a banker, one of whom, or all of which screwed me over. I’m pretty sure there is a cheater in that game, and I’d like to bring you in as the house dealer and help me flush him out. You don’t have to feel guilty about cheating these guys, because, as I said, we are all in the same business: cheating!” He adds with a self-deprecating chuckle, “If you’ve ever used a lawyer, here’s a chance to get some of your extorted funds back.”

I think to myself with a little smirk: Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard the kettle call the kettle black, a dishonest lawyer being honest about being dishonest! 

Considering his offer for a moment I whisper back, “Okay, I’ll do it. But I will not be able to get there until after my shows.”

He quietly says with satisfaction, “We play into the night, so that’s no problem. I will tell them that I have an old friend joining the game late.”

“I am picky about having quality cards,” I tell him, “Let me give you a couple decks for the game, just hold this one a side until I arrive. 

He accepts them and says with what I can feel is stifled emotion of excitement, “Before you arrive, I’ll have the other one already in play.”

“Also, we’ll need an excuse to cover my visual impairment.”

“Not a big deal. I’ll tell them your eyes were damaged from a bomb blast during the Vietnam War or something like that.”

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