Blind Navigator: BioVlog 183 of 384

I’m zipping through the water at full throttle. Russell is wondering, “Is Rick going to steer away from the yacht before we smash into it?” 

Not knowing what I am headed straight into, I keep plowing forward. 

The yacht sharply veers away at the last moment to avoid a sure-fire bow to bow collision. As it swerves around us, it dips to the side and almost capsizes. Its main sail boom swings around and bashes against the sailor’s head! “What-what-what…What the hell are you doing?” The yacht sailor screams. “Are you guy’s crazy?” 

Russell barks, “Quick Rick, turn the boat hard astern!”

I shove the wheel hard, and fortunately, this shifts my small boat to the right three feet before driving the bow of my craft directly into the side of the large yacht. Our two boats slam side-to-side against each other, causing the yacht’s sail boom to swing the other way, knocking the sailor to the deck once more. Again in a high squeaky voice he cries out, “What-what-what…What are you guys doing? Are you nuts?” 

With a slight tone of mirth, Russell yells back, “Sorry!  Didn’t see you there! Our navigator is blind!” 

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