Blindly Whipping Down the Road: BioVlog 56 of 384

With my poker winnings in pocket, I visit the Lemon Grove Honda dealership and buy a Honda 350 motorcycle. 

The salesmen think that I’m an odd duck, but they really don’t care because they see I have cash in hand to pay for the bike. My ride fills out the paperwork, and they are totally puzzled when they watch my friend hand me a pen and guide my hand as I sign on the dotted line. 

Now I’m creeping down the road, wind whistling around me, but not able to see another car until it is less than 40 to 50 feet away, and that is out of the corner of only one eye or the other, since I have no center vision. My biggest risk is making left turns; I can’t see far enough ahead to determine if another car is coming from the opposite direction. Also, as I drive, I always stay in the right lane, following the white lines or the right edge of the road and, since I can only see peripherally, I have to constantly turn my head from side to side to check my surroundings. Lacking a macula in both eyes is like driving with a hat in front of your face. 

“Quite invigorating!”