Carson, Kelly, and Peck: BioVlog 176 of 384

I just finished a show that included, Monty Hall, Jimmy Stewart and James Caan. Yerkes places his hand on my shoulder and says, “Rick, follow me. There are some other celebrities who would like to see your magic.” As we approach the group, Yerkes says, “Let me introduce you to these three men. In the center is Johnny Carson, to your left is Gene Kelly, and to your right is Gregory Peck!”

Johnny immediately expresses his interest and says, “Please show us your magic.”  

I say to Johnny, “Please shuffle.” After his mixing, I deal out pat hands for poker and blackjack. 

Amazed, Gene Kelly asks baffled, “Johnny, how’s he doing this? You understand how this stuff is done. How’s he doing it?”  

Johnny responds delighted, “I have no idea, but he sure does it beautifully!”  

Gregory Peck chimes in, “I know who I’m having over as my next poker partner.” 

Johnny asks, “Richard, can you teach me how to do a Mexican Turnover?” 

So, I methodically explain the Mexican Turnover. “Boy, that’s beautiful,” says Johnny.

Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I’m worried about Janalee. I want to get her out of here before she does any irreparable damage. My distracted mind is interrupted when Johnny asks in a politely humble manner, “Richard, do you have a business card? I’d like to have you on my show.”  

Apologizing I say disappointed, “No, not with me.”  

“Thanks” to my being distracted by Janalee’s drunkenness, this is one squandered opportunity. 

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