Dealers of Death: BioVlog 73 of 384

After watching John Scarne, I’m anxious to try out some new moves in a real gambling environment. So, I have Jim drive me to a card game in the mountains east of San Diego. It will be with a group of old drug dealers. I was told they play poker every Saturday and I’m hoping to join the game. 

(I rationalize that it’s okay to cheat druggies, that every dollar I take from them helps keep the poison away from the vulnerable. I’ve already lost over two-dozen friends to drugs, including my old partner Doug Ferguson, who died from hepatitis after using dirty heroine needles.)

Blowers and I arrive and the card game is already in progress. I see four blurs seated around the table. Another smudged silhouette –a woman – is at the kitchen counter. I smell sour body odor, rancid cooking grease, and the skunky aroma of low-grade pot.