Destiny: BioVlog 10 of 384

What Mrs. Smith does next sets my destiny. She has an old seven-inch, reel-to-reel tape recorder that (must weigh half as much as I do.) She says, “I found a card book at a garage sale titled “Expert at the Card Table.” I’ve recorded excerpts on the tape recorder for you. You can take the recorder home and use it for as long as you like.”

I’m thrilled with this new opportunity! At night, with rock hard headphones pressed to my ears I listen carefully to the gambling moves read by Mrs. Smith. Cards are continually dropping as I practice. I don’t understand most of the words, but do follow some of the stacking and dealing descriptions. The first thing I accomplish is over-hand stacking of two, and then three cards to my hand for three and four hands of poker. I try and try to perform the second and bottom deals but my hands are so small; I’m just frustrated.