Genii Magazine: BioVlog 173 of 384

After the 1982 wedding, in Genii Magazine Vernon pens: 

“A few days after returning to Hollywood, Bill Bowers, who amazes everyone by his generosity and thoughtfulness, drove Chris Michaels and his wife, Evelyn, Judy Dolan, and myself to San Diego to attend Richard Turner’s wedding. There were nearly 150 guests at the church wedding. Afterwards Richard and his bride were driven in a 1929 Ford adorned with streamers to the boat, the Reuben E. Lee. This boat is anchored at the dock and has three decks. They serve three different priced meals on board—$20.00, $50.00, and $100.00. The top deck, the most expensive, is truly elegant and the food the finest obtainable.”

“From the church everyone congregated on the second deck where all manner of food and drinks was served and they had an orchestra providing music for dancing. Richard is steadily employed here and performs every evening from six until ten o’clock.  I do not think that anyone in the entire world can do some of the things he does with cards and coins. Furthermore, he has many admiring friends because of his modesty, fairness, and honesty. I was honored by being the best man at his wedding and I shall never forget this most eventful occasion.”

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