Green Belt and Toilet-Water: BioVlog 53 of 384

I sigh and then collapse to the floor. This time, it is Douglas who lifts me to my feet. “You’ve got to stand up,” Douglas orders, worried at this last minute collapse might cause me to fail the test. He says firmly, “You’ve got to stand up and properly bow out…now!”

Although battered and bruised, yet now standing, I’m awarded my green belt. Sensei says, “Mr. Turner, Congratulations! You hung in there, but, you need to put some meat on your bones.  I want you to start taking vitamins and protein drinks, and train with weights. That should help beef you up.” 

“Thank you,” I mutter, but at this point I don’t care about weights or belts! Wheezing and gasping for air I shout “Water! All I want is water!” Next, I stumble to the restroom and begin lapping some up. Douglas finds me on my knees, my foot-long hair clinging alongside a dirty oval bowl. With my cupped hands dripping water he starts laughing, “Mr. Turner, that isn’t a sink you’re drinking from! You better stop and take a whiff.”  

I struggle to my feet, and as I slowly become fully conscious, I blurt out, “Oh my God! I’m drinking water…from a…from a filthy Tijuana toilet!”