Hijack the Game: BioVlog 139 of 384

Each time Mr. Cool comes in to see me, he pitches a new scam. As the riverboat slightly sways, we sit down to dinner. “Richard,” Mr. Cool says politely, “I think you’ll like this idea. I will have you play against another cheat. In this set-up, I will arrange a game in a hotel room, and we’ll be in the room next door. Then we’ll hijack the game to skim off the cash. I know a cheater that will play heads-up against anyone, and the buy-in is twenty-five grand minimum.” Using con-artist reasoning, Mr. Cool rationalizes, “There is nothing unethical about this scam. Everyone is a cheater.” 

I think about what happens to “owned men,” and I want no part of his deals. “Thank you,” I say politely, “But no thank you.” 

So he suggests, “Why don’t you just come to one of my games and observe the operation. You don’t have to deal or participate in any way. Just look around. You’ll be my guest.” 

His invitation sparks my mechanic’s curiosity, so I say, “Sure, why not.” 

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