Kid at Christmas: BioVlog 163 of 384

I am awestruck to be standing next to the greatest boxer of all time. And, to my shock, Ali is the fan at this moment: it turns out that The Greatest considers this little card guy from El Cajon the expert, and he wants to demonstrate some magic tricks that he has learned as an aspiring conjurer. I have to smile inside because I find this both interesting and downright funny! 

Ali holds a “Finn John” wand in midair beneath his outstretched palm a foot in front of my face, and it appears to be floating. Ali grins like a kid at Christmas. He waves his free hand under the wand rather than between his hand and the wand. He says laughing, “See! No strings!” 

Now I’m hanging out with Ali and his two body guards (as if he needs body guards), and not one of them is as big as he is. As we hang out together he can’t seem to get enough of my card work, urging me to keep showing him more of my moves with the pasteboards, especially my ability to always make his poker hand a winner. 

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