Opposite Directions: BioVlog 82 of 384

I am hanging out with bartender Ed Houlihan, who says with an undertone of slyness, “I knew a Chicago magician who could roll two coins in opposite directions across the fingers of one hand.”

I ask excitedly, “Wow that sounds great! How’d he do it?”

Eddie says in an artful manner, “I don’t remember; figure it out for yourself.”

I think to myself, “Another challenge!” as I sit down and analyze how the coins can encircle the hand, and how to get them to cross each other as they pass in opposite directions. 

After I figure it out and show Eddie, he says with a chuckle, “What I told you was a bunch of bull; I made up the two-coin bit. My motive was just a little perverse curiosity…I wanted to see how far an obsessed kid like you would go.”