Prolog-Part 3: I want to buy you: BioVlog 3 of 384

“Richard,” he says impressed, “you are incredible. You, alone, do the work of four mechanics. I wouldn’t need a crew!” He eyes me, quaffs his drink, and says calmly, “I’ll give you a grand a day to come work for me!”

I shake my head from side to side and say firmly, “No thanks.”

“How about two grand a day?”

Again, I politely decline.

“Name your price,” he says. You name it…I’ll pay it!”

Again, I say, “No thank you.”

“Don’t you get it? I want to buy you…name your price!”

I think to myself, Yeah. That’s exactly what I get. (I saw the film ‘The Godfather,’ co-starring my nemesis Tony Giorgio, and he gave it to someone all right, a hand pinned to the bar with a knife while another goon garroted the “owned man” to death with a piano wire. No thanks!)