Rematch: BioVlog 124 of 384

After winning a nice pile of large bills, I decide Mr. Know-It-All has hopefully learned his lesson. I stand up from his table and say thumbing through the cash, “Thanks for the entertainment.” 

I flash the wad of winnings to the manager. He says, “That was great! That jerk was rude to everyone in the place. As the manager, I have to play nice, but you don’t!” 

I finish my lobster, when I’m interrupted, someone wants to see me and it is none other than Mr. Know-It-All. Inexplicably he says coldly, “I want a rematch for higher stakes. However,” he adds aggressively, “the rematch has to be played in accordance with a couple of conditions. First, every card has to be dealt off the top, I will make certain of this. Secondly, the deck has to be thoroughly shuffled beforehand by me, and nobody else.”