Double-Signed Card Routine DVD Package


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Palm like a pro; muck like a mechanic. By adding another spectator and a few more moves, Richard Turner elevates the Signed Card Routine to new heights.

Imagine an effect where two spectators autograph cards, one from a blue deck and one from a red deck, only to have both cards appear and reappear over and over again.

The amazement of the audience escalates with each appearance of a signed card — from the performer’s hat, under a mat, from a spectator’s hat, a wallet, torn and restored, and from a sealed deck of cards. Titillating as it may already seem, the grand finale explodes when the sealed deck is opened to expose the spectator’s signed cards — and they are the same cards!

Richard Turner’s startling Double-Signed Card routine is for the true sleight-of-hand artist. It can be incorporated into your existing show or utilized as part of a standup act or a close-up routine.

In addition to the Double-Signed Card routine, Turner reveals his long held secret —Turner’s Key Card. With Turner’s Key Card, you’ll be taught how to locate a selected card, by touch only, after a spectator has shuffled it into the deck.

Additional moves taught by Richard on this DVD include:

  • Turner’s Two Finger Bottom Deal Force
  • Turner’s Invisible Bottom Palm
  • Turner’s One Hand Bottom Deal Force
  • Turner’s Two Card Display into Gambler’s Palm or Full Palm
  • Turner’s Diagonal Palm Shift to Full Palm or Gambler’s Palm
  • Turner’s Two Card Spin Around Side Steal, Card to the Wallet or Turner’s Gambler’s Cop
  • Hand Wash to Wallet
  • Turner’s Signed Card to a Sealed Deck
  • Turner’s Key Card Twist-out
  • Turner’s Top Palm and Second From Top Palm
  • Turner’s Simultaneous Top and Bottom Palm

Also included are recently-found photos, letters, and quotes from Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Charlie Miller, Michael Skinner, Fred Robinson, Larry Jennings, and a 1987 interview with Dai Vernon.

This package includes: Two free decks of Traditionally Cut Bicycle Playing Cards, and two Batty Games.

Watch a preview of Double-Signed Card Routine DVD.