Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes DVD Package


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Richard Turner Presents Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes “That’ll get the money!”

A card man or a magician has two choices; learn just a trick or develop an arsenal of techniques that can be used to execute numerous tricks. In this power packed DVD, Richard Turner details must-have moves that every magician and card man should have in their repertoire. More particularly, Richard teaches how card men and magicians alike can work around the cut—work that separates the professionals from the amateurs.

Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes was developed to provide a variety of options to use to nullify or work around a cut deck of cards. Some moves are very easy; others are devilishly deceptive, including the Turner Shift. The Turner Shift allows the card handler to transpose the two halves as fast as or faster than any shift yet devised. Not only is the Turner Shift done with speed, it starts and stops in a natural dealing position thereby making it undetectable to onlookers.

The master mechanic Larry Jennings wrote, “My friend Richard Turner, in my opinion, is the finest exponent of gambling sleight-of-hand that I have ever known.”

The moves taught on this DVD also have far reaching applications in the performance of magic routines. Cards appear, and cards disappear; cards go to the top, and then drop to the bottom or make instant color changes. The magical applications are far reaching and will add to the impact of any show.

Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes includes an array of moves “That’ll get the money!” Moves such as the

  • Turner Shift
  • Laying a Brief
  • Turner Half Pass
  • Turner Cover Shift
  • Cover Shift to Bottom
  • Bottom Palm to Top Hand
  • Deck Switch
  • Color Change
  • Side Grip Dive Shift
  • One Hand Dive Shift
  • Top Grip Dive Shift
  • One Hand Hop
  • Cover Hop
  • Delayed Hop
  • Charlie Miller Shift
  • Mistake Shift
  • Two Hand Shift
  • Dump Shift
  • Casino Slip Cut
  • Casino Bottom Cut
  • Scrape Cut
  • The notable Turner Cut Card Shift.

Also included in Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes are two magic routines: the Count Aces Royal and the Flipping the Aces. Counting Aces Royal is a routine that utilizes false counting techniques turning four aces into a royal flush. Flipping the Aces is a flashy way to produce the four big bullets. Both routines use techniques taught in the video.

In the typical Turner style, the DVD is packed with extras including a 2006 performance at the Magic Castle, military magic history, and a Christmas special featuring Asa Spades Turner.

This package includes: Two free decks of Traditionally Cut Bicycle Playing Cards, and two Batty Games.

Watch a free preview of Shifts, Hops, and Magic Passes.