Table Talk 7

“At my table is Richard’s childhood friend Holly Crest. 

Holly, what personal qualities did you detect when you first met Richard?”

“Jon,” Holly says, “I think his quality is dedication. I’ve known Rick since we were five years old. In high school we were in the drama department. Rick was very dedicated to his craft even as a teenager. Rick seemed like an old soul even as a 16-year old boy. I faked like I understood most of his conversation but clearly he was wise beyond his years and I was just glad he liked talking to me. Also, Jon, here’s something you will appreciate. Many years after high school, I was having lunch in a restaurant. A man approached my table and asked me if I would like to see some card tricks. He was dressed in old fashioned gambling garb and had a killer handle bar mustache. I agreed to let the man show me some card tricks. When he heard my voice, he immediately knew it was me. I, on the other hand did not know it was Rick Turner who was standing at my table. He called me by my name and told me who he was. I was completely shocked at how robust and gorgeous he looked. 

Rick is the poster boy for all of the underestimated people in the world. He certainly showed us all how it’s done.”