The Greatest Celebrities: BioVlog 175 of 384

Bobby Yerkes comes over, slaps me on the back and says, “You will be playing to some of the most celebrated entertainers in show-biz. Go get’em. They’re all rich. Take their money. Take it all!”

With pocketed cards, I grab my miniature green felted poker table and supporting stand. I enter the room and find myself face to face with the likes of Jimmy Stewart, James Caan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Monty Hall, many of the biggest legends ever in show-business.

After each private show, I retreat to the corner of the room where my materials are stashed. I’m lightly touching the backs of the chairs with my right elbow as a guide, as I work my way to grab a fresh deck. I encounter Janalee.  She grabs my arm, pulls me close, and coyly says, “Hi, there! I crashed the party. I told these ladies I am your wife, and I asked if I could join them, and they said yes. Isn’t that nice of them?”  

“Sure, that’s nice,” I say, remembering the words given by the technical producer, strongly warning that Janalee must stay back stage. I squint out of the corner of my left eye, and I notice she is holding a glass of wine. She sounds very drunk, and drunk often leads to disaster. 

The Cheat, Protect Yourself, Delayed Hop