The Magic Life Documentary in DocuWeeks Showcase

kings and aces

The documentary The Magic Life (directed/produced by Nelson Cheng) will be playing next month at the Laemmle NoHo as part of the DocuWeeks Showcase (put on by the International Documentary Association). It’s a great screening series focused on documentaries and will actually make the documentary eligible for Academy Award consideration!

You can view the trailer for The Magic Life on the website.

The film will be playing from August 17-23; here’s the schedule:

  • FRI 8/17 12:00 PM 5:20 PM
  • SAT 8/18 1:45 PM 7:40 PM
  • SUN 8/19 3:50 PM 9:50 PM
  • MON 8/20 12:00 PM 5:20 PM
  • TUE 8/21 1:45 PM 7:40 PM
  • WED 8/22 3:50 PM 9:50 PM
  • THU 8/23 1:45 PM 7:40 PM

There will be a Q&A for all the evening showings. Nelson Cheng will be at all of them, and for the Friday 8/17 and Sat 8/18 showings one of the magicians featured in the documentary, Michael Friedland, will be there as well. Additional special guests will be announced.

Richard Turner, Kim Turner, and Asa Spades Turner are all featured in this documentary.