A Straight-Gate Beckons: BioVlog 31 of 384

I know I need to change my habits or I’m gonna be killed or die. I move closer to the three blurs and the woman says mildly, “I’m Rita. This is Bob and his brother Jim. She faces me and asks, “And what’s your name? 

I say, “Rick.” 

Jim says cheerfully, “I’ve seen you around school. There’s something wrong with your eyes.  You’re one of the guys from the VH room. You hang out with that Ferguson dude.” 

“Oh, so you are Jim Blowers?”

“Yeah,” the blur says.

“I thought I recognized your voice.”  

Rita says wanting to help, “We are going to church tomorrow. Our Pastor Johnson works with people who want to get free from drugs. Would you like to join us?”

“Yes,” I reply, “I think that’s just what I should do. But there’s a problem, as Jim mentioned, I can’t see well enough to drive.” 

Bob Blowers speaks up, “Transportation is no problem. I can pick you up.” 

And the next day I’m back in church.