ABC Reporter: BioVlog 189 of 384

“What do you think about when you’re in the ring with that many fighters?” The ABC reporter asks.  

I shoot back, “I’m hoping my wind holds up. I have to survive ten rounds, not like a boxer. I’m the same guy fighting different guys. A boxer fights the same person for a set number of rounds. Like I said, I have to fight ten different fighters for ten, grueling rounds.”  

“How do you expect to win?” The interviewer asks. 

“I don’t have to win. I just have to survive!”  

“How serious do your opponents take this?” 

“It depends. It depends on who they are. Some guys have been knocked out in the second round. I know guys that went down in three. Another guy went down in six, beaten by a guy that went down in two.” 

“I guess I have to say.  Aren’t you legally blind?” – A question that I feel is totally irrelevant. 

I cover my un-comfortability with the sight question with a laugh and a joke. “And I can’t see very well, either!”  

“Exactly what is your vision?” he asks.

“Twenty over 400,” I tell him wanting to get off the sight subject, “Which is twice as low as what’s considered legally blind, and that’s also with no center vision.” 

The interviewer looks away for a couple of seconds and then sheepishly asks, “How then can you fight and beat anybody?”  

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