Alive With Spirit: BioVlog 188 of 384

I’m mentally pumped-up, although my biggest concern centers on my hands. Napoleon double-wraps and gloves my hands. Once gloved, he lathers my face with Vaseline to minimize facial cuts. As the ten fighters are gearing up, Sensei Murphy tries to calm my fears with a mild piece of humor, “Rick, relax. All you have to do is come out alive with spirit.”

I ask with a large dose of apprehension, “Exactly what does that mean, alive with spirit?”

He says, “Even if your teeth have been punched down your throat, you’re still smiling.”

I think, “Wow! Great! Now I feel better!”

Then he gives me a comforting pat on the shoulder and says in his rock-hard way, “You’ll do just fine!”

Playing the Nut Cracker