Armando Lucero: BioVlog 84 of 384

Mime-Magician, Armando Lucero has joined the Lamb’s Players troupe. As we first meet, our interaction is initially tentative and non-committal. This is pretty much par for the course for me, since I try to keep a low profile because most of what I do is geared more for the card table than entertainment. But he has things I’d like to learn so I ask him to move in with me and Mary. Living with Armando, I learn how to perform many of the classic magic routines, including The Professor’s Nightmare; the Linking Rings; the Cups and Balls; and the Multiplying Eggs from the Mouth. 

One day Armando performs his multiplying balls from the mouth on The Gong Show and wins first place. I’m jealous, yet quite impressed!”