Table Talk 10

“Sitting together at an upper-class night club is playboy Jim Flect, and Dr. Richard Drake. I hear you both have adventures of a different sort. If you would, please share them.”

“Yeah” Jon,” Fleck says, “Rick and I went for a walk on a hiking trail and we came across a rattlesnake. Rick wasn’t going to budge for that damn thing and just kept picking up big rocks and throwing them at the snake, even though he had no exact idea where the hell it was until he finally killed it.” 

Drake adds, “Jon, how about golfing with a blind guy. Rick suggested that we go hit some golf balls. So we rented a few clubs, got a few buckets of balls, and headed out to the range. I needed to hit the restroom, when I heard on the loudspeaker, ‘Will the gentleman in the blue shirt please quit hitting golf balls at the pro shop!’ Needless to say, as I made it back toward Rick, I noticed that he had a penchant to turn to the left a few degrees after every swing. A few swings later he was aiming right at the pro shop, and connecting quite well with line drives, no less! I said, Hey, Cheat, did you hear that guy over the loudspeaker?” 

Rick said, ‘Yeah.  Some jerk is hitting golf balls at him…he doesn’t like it.’ 

I said, “Rick, do you know what color shirt you have on?” 

‘Oh, crud,’ Rick said shocked, ‘It’s not blue, is it?’  

“Yep! It is!

Jon, there’s more,” Drake adds, “Rick shot a 122 on a very difficult course. All I did was hand him a club, line him up, and he did the rest. The day was capped off when The Cheat drained a thirty-five foot putt on the last hole.”