BioVlog Introduction

“Hello, I’m Jon Racherbaumer and I’m going to be your TABLE TALK host on this BioVlog series on the spirited adventures of Card Shark Richard Turner! Human stories of nature, nurture, and overcoming adversity are not new. They have been told and retold many times. Richard’s story, however, is different. It is about why he is called, “Master Turner” holding a black belt with the ranking of Sixth Degree and became the virtuoso “card manipulator” of the world despite being blind. 

The most influential magician of the twentieth century, Professor Dai Vernon, proclaimed “Richard Turner does things with cards that no one else in the world can do—-no one!” What Vernon proclaimed has been achieved! Richard’s skills have been seen in over two-hundred countries by over a billion people. Richard was the subject of a 2019 Japanese miniseries, as well as his life was featured in the 2017 award winning documentary film DEALT.

Richard is among the few to fool the legendary magicians Penn & Teller on their TV series “Fool Us.” And during the COVID shutdown Richard was featured on the Russia 1 Brain based TV special, Russia 1 “Super-Human Incredible People”

This BioVlog will be a hybrid; it will combine story telling like the serial novels from centuries past while blending the present popularity of biographies, Blogs, and videos. The BioVlogs will touch on Richard’s risky mental and physical challenges of martial arts fighting, shark hunting, cliff-diving, and the high-stakes of underworld gambling. Further, how he conquered his blindness, substance abuse and other demons to eventually realize extraordinary success.

So, Richard and I would like to invite you, your family and friends, to join us on this journey of 384 BioVlogs with the revealing 43 table talk interviews that will shock to the core, astound and motivate, while providing volumes of first-rate amusement.”