Blind Man Beating: BioVlog 126 of 384

The young waitress who served Mr. Know-It-All approaches me on my way out and says thrilled, “That jerk wanted to know your real identity.”  She says with a grin, “I told him you are one of the best card sharks in the country and he was stupid to have challenged you. I guess that’s why he wanted to play you again. He figured that being forewarned is being forearmed, and he figured that he knew enough to catch an expert like you.” She laughs as if telling an inside joke. “I also told him he was beat by an almost blind man, and asked how’d that make him feel? Thanks for teaching that loser a lesson!”

I peel off four of the bills that I skinned from the sucker, hand them to her, and say to my collaborator, “Have a nice dinner my dear, compliments of Mr. Jerk!”