Stalker: BioVlog 127 of 384

After my profitable night with Know-It-All, I work my way to my pickup spot, where I meet up with Blowers. Whenever I stand alone late at night, my senses are always on overdrive, developed from my martial arts training. Murphy calls it, ‘Situational Awareness.’ As I wait, a creeping tentacle of uneasiness starts to grip my senses, which seem to always be on overdrive. A small chill comes over me. “Have I been followed?” 

Unfortunately, it is dark, and all I can distinguish are shadows upon shadows mixed together with the ever-present subconscious images in my mind’s eye. However, I am now convinced someone is sneakily stalking me from behind. I start to turn when someone suddenly lunges and grabs me from behind in a tight bear hug pinning my arms to my sides. 

The attacker snarls in my ear, “Give me my money back, or I’m gonna smash in your face, you blind cheater!”