Bride Waits – Professor Watches: BioVlog 171 of 384

(Vernon is my best man, and he’s dressed in classic gambling dandy attire, replete with top hat and cane. The outfit has been furnished by MGM Studios and Jim Blowers, not surprisingly, is my best sidekick.)

Professor and I have sequestered ourselves in the minister’s library. We can’t help but break out the cards, and I start demonstrating my latest touches on my deals. 

As Professor and I are engaged, the wedding ceremony begins. The music starts playing, and the members of the congregation are poised to watch the bride walk down the aisle. She is ready, but to everyone’s surprise, the groom and best man are absent. 

Vernon’s traveling friend, Bill Bowers, is enlisted to find us. It takes a while, but he eventually hears us talking in the pastor’s office. He barges through the door. He sees Vernon hovering over my hands as I’m rapidly dealing cards. Bill yells, “So there you are! You’re late! The wedding has started!”  

Vernon glances up, and with a dismissive wave of his hand says, “Don’t bother us!  Richard is doing something beautiful!”  

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