Brown Belt Training: BioVlog 63 of384

Sensei said I must beef-up by putting on muscle. My weight training for my brown belt is coming from Gene Fisher. I’m getting bigger and harder; heavier and stronger. At 145 pounds, I hit 250 pounds on the bench-press, I can pull-down 220 pounds, although Fisher has to get me started, as the stack is 75 pounds more than my body weight, so Fisher pulls down the bar so I can pin my legs under a floor-anchored tee. Fisher’s focus was the curl, so that also becomes my focus. I can free-weight curl 165 pounds, more than my body weight. After the weights, Fisher has me step outside and run through a training circuit of 18 different exercises covering all muscle groups. I go full-tilt, three minutes at each station, with only the time it takes to reach the next station to recover. He has me circle each station numerous times until I drop or vomit.