No More Special Treatment: BioVlog 64 of 384

I ask Sensei, pleading, yet trying to show no fear, “Can I fight opponents my own size when testing for my brown belt? I am aware that I am outclassed by Crook, Douglas, Napoleon, along with many of your other big fighters down south in Tijuana.” 

Murphy considers my request and is empathetic, so he lines up a group of fighters my own size. It turns out my opponents are small pushovers; it was easy to defeat them. 

I’m disappointed with myself and say, “Sensei, I was given too much consideration and don’t deserve my brown belt ranking.” 

Murphy disagrees with my assessment, insisting, “Your brown belt fights were easy because you showed no weakness and trained hard.” 

Nevertheless, I keep my brown belt, and resolve not to accept special treatment in future tests.