Bullet in Her Head: BioVlog 152 of 384

Janalee looks over at me and blurts, not really a question, but more of a statement, “Who are you? Are you some kind of rescuing angel?” She turns away. I can tell that she has closed her eyes as she continues to mumble. She speaks with a voice that is void of emotion. “My father died young, at age 49. That threw our family into a tailspin. My mother was a neurotic bitch. I hated her!” 

She lifts her head from the deck, opens her eyes wide and blurts out, “On my sister’s birthday, with presents surrounding her body, my mother put a bullet in her head. I was the one that found the dead body. The suicide note said ‘Janalee, I can no longer endure your antics, so I’m checking out.’” 

She closes her eyes and mumbles, “She blamed her suicide on me”