Confessing and Disclosing: BioVlog 151 of 384

The next day Janalee has, not surprisingly, a wicked hangover. She slowly works her way to the deck at the back of my home, and finds a comfortable place on the deck with the sun shining down where she lays down to convalesce. As she basks in the sun, she begins talking, basically rambling on-and-on, free-associating, confessing and disclosing. 

She says in a half daze, “My family was in the entertainment business. We were considered by television executives to be America’s stereotypically-symbolic family. But, unfortunately, that role ultimately went to Ozzie and Harriet Nelson.” She continues to ramble, “Regular guests at our home were old actors…” She fades off for a moment, but then resumes, “Buddy Ebsen from The Beverly Hillbillies. I met Walt Disney…Our family has three original animation cells from the film, ‘Snow White,’ one personally autographed to me and signed by Disney himself.”