Don’t Look Down: BioVlog 181 of 384

“Okay Jim, try to follow using the same rocks and holes you saw me use.”

Jim starts inching his way across and downward. However, he foolishly looks down and freezes with fright. To him, the car-sized rocks below look like pebbles. “I can’t go on” he says in a panic. 

I order, “Jim, relax. Don’t look down! There’s no way for me to help you.” I calmly add, “Listen to me! Take your left foot, and use it to slowly feel to your left…do you feel a rock you can step on?”

Jim affirms, “Yes, I feel one.”

“Great. Lightly push on it to make sure it is firm.”

Jim again affirms, “It’s solid.”

 “Okay, now move your left hand to a rock directly above your left foot and keep your belly laying on the dome. When you find something, check it to make sure it’s solid and continue to move across the dome one step at a time while keeping your belly flat on the cliff.” This inch-by-inch process continues until Jim successfully works his way off the towering dome to safety.  

Jim says, “Mister Rick, you’re brain dead!” He adds with a rebuking snicker, “Because of your pathetic eyesight you can’t see how really stupid you are!” 

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