Towering Perch: BioVlog 180 of 384

“Watch!” I shout to Jim as I cautiously start feeling my way across the dome. “If you keep your body pinned to the surface with three points as you move along, even if a rock gives way, you can still keep lowering yourself without tumbling down along with the rolling rocks. Watch carefully.” I grab a firm rock with my left hand, but when I move my left foot, the rock beneath it breaks loose and tumbles down far below. It sounds like it tumbles forever before the crashing sound finally stops. “That one really takes my breath away!” When a rock gripped with a hand comes loose it’s not so bad but, when you step on a rock from a towering perch, and it breaks free, your stomach feels like it’s dropping with the rock. I move, and once more, a rock falls, and like before, I place my foot in the vacant hole to secure my footing. The pressure from my right hand causes another rock to break loose, but thankfully, the next one holds firm. Finally, after feeling a flat spot with the toes of my left foot, I reach a nice firm porch. I shimmy over, and I’m safely planted on a comfortably large ledge, where I immediately breathe a loud sigh of relief as I didn’t take a long dive down. Protect Yourself, Faro Perfect precision