E = Fog: BioVlog 5 of 384

I recovered from Scarlet Fever and I’m back in school. I’m sitting in class, and suddenly everything goes blurry. As I rub my eyes and try to focus I’m terrified at not being able to see. I raise my hand and my teacher says, “Yes, Ricky?” 

“Something’s wrong,” I say bewildered, “I can’t see the board or the print in my books.”

So she sends me to the school nurse. The nurse positions me about ten feet from an eye chart and says, “Tell me which way the ‘E’ is facing.” 

“I can’t see it. I don’t know.”

She moves up the chart to a larger E and says a little more softly “How about now?”

Her softer tone frightens me as I realize, “This must be really bad!” 

I squeeze my eyes shut. I squint but the blurriness like a curtain of fog remains over my eyes. I frantically pray to God, Please… take anything else you want…give me one big eye in the middle of my forehead like Cyclops in the ‘Hercules’ movies… Just let me see…