Exceptionally deceptive: BioVlog 98 of 384

Each time another magician comes to hang out, Marlo asks me to demonstrate my card act. He asks so many times, I’m beginning to believe he really enjoys my presentation.

Marlo confides, “I’m very impressed with your two-card push-off second deal! It is exceptionally deceptive, and simulates the real thing.”  Marlo confesses, “I frequently miss. Sometimes I get one card on the push-off, other times I get three. You’re two card-push-off with that right thumb sweeping action is very deceptive. I like it a lot!”   

I’m amazed to hear these words, yet it is comforting to know that even legendary card experts sometimes fail to execute certain moves. 

As one of what have become bi-annual visits is coming to a close, Marlo gives me his name. He signs his books to me, “To Richard (Marlo) Turner.” Then, to my thrill and delight he writes, “Technicians as a rule are not usually good actors or entertainers; Richard Turner is all three!”

The Cheat, Protect Yourself, Deceptive Seconds