Not Castle Material: BioVlog 99 of 384

I’m scheduled to do my audition to become a member of the Magic Castle, which should give me more quality time with the Professor. I start my audition with some fancy fans, springing the cards from one hand to the other. Then I perform a one handed shuffle in each hand, simultaneously. 

Now I’m ready to start my performance. Before I even begin, one of the judges says, obviously impressed, “Richard, you can stop. You need not go further, you’ve passed.”

However, the audition to become a Performing Member is based on a much higher level of showmanship. I try in 1976, and I fail! 

To my utter disappointment, I go through two more auditions in 1977 and ‘78, and fail both times. 

Bummed out, I’m sitting alone when one of the judges sits next to me and privately advises, “Richard, you are a magician’s magician, but with your scraggly beard and mustache, that cheap corduroy suit and those worn out shoes, you look like Robinson Crusoe. You’re not Castle material.”

Entertain, Learn How to Spring Cards Hand to Hand