For Free: BioVlog 130 of 384

Jim describes a rich brown carpet that feels great. I tell the proprietor, “I’ll take this one.” We head back to Cole’s office to finalize the sale. The proprietor remembers what I stated, he holds up a stack of his business cards and says unlikely believing the truthfulness of my bold assertion, “Are you claiming that you can do it with these?”

I affirm with a casual shrug. “Sure.”

Colehands me a stack of his business cards and challenges, “Let me see you do it with these.”

“Hold on,” I say planning to set him up. “You don’t work for free, so why should I?”

“I get it!”  He says smugly. “You can’t do it with business cards. I knew you must have been using a trick deck!”

Here’s the opening I was hoping for. I say casually, “Tell you what.  If I can’t do it with your business cards, I’ll pay double for the carpet. But, if I do it with your cards, and get the number you select, you give me the carpet for free. Sound like fun? Are you a gambling man? If you think I’m full of it put your carpet where your mouth is and, who knows, maybe you’ll have a good pay day”.