Gonna Kill: BioVlog 128 of 384

My senses were correct. I was being stalked, and I instantly recognize Know-It-All’s voice. As soon as he clamps his arms around me in his clumsy bear hug, I think, “Big mistake!” I instantly drop into a deep Horse Stance to lower my center of gravity, while spreading out my elbows breaking the stupid guy’s grip. Simultaneously I smash my head back, hearing a crunch, wondering if I’ve splattered the assailant’s nose. As I slam a hammer-fist into the jerk’s groin, I scrape my boot heel down his right shin and then drill the heel into his foot. This forces the assailant backwards, groaning, cursing, clutching his crotch, and teetering in place. 

Know-It-All tries to gather his wits, and through clenched teeth cries out, “I’m gonna kill you!” 

He lunges toward me, and I instinctively execute a Step-across Sidekick. He runs into it hard; the kick nails him right in his lower ribs, and it has the desired effect of incapacitating his will to continue any kind of further interaction. 

He hobbles away, moaning with curses under his breath.