Marrying Mary: BioVlog 78 of 384

Weight training, performing and card play all have their satisfactions but there is still one thing missing, and that is a girl. Every guy needs a girl. One of my high school friends is Mary Cobbs. Mary has long, soft, copper-colored hair and brown eyes. She is a straight-A student and both a gifted artist and musician. Mary seems to comfortably fit into the general scheme of things at the time. I make overtures to woo her. Why not? We are already good friends. Together, we happily ride my Dad’s horses, and we read all the C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkein books. She not only joins me in karate training; she even has the guts to ride on the back of my motorcycle…well, that is until one day I casually yell back, “Is the light we are coming to red or green?” 

Even though we are both teenagers, I finally pop the big question: “Mary,” I say, “we’re best friends; we do everything together, and I think we should take the big step. So, will you marry me?”

Mary thinks for a few minutes, and then says, “Yes.”