Microscope Fingers: BioVlog 110 of 384

You’re probably wondering how a blind guy can deal a pat-hand with pinpoint accuracy. I won’t tell you everything, professional secrets you know, but some of it has to do with my eidetic memory and how part of my visual networks are resonating with my haptic and tactile neural networks – the networks associated with touch.

When I feel something my mind “sees” that surface at several times its actual size. It’s as if my fingers are a microscope relaying to my mind an image at the granular level. 

What you would likely consider “smooth” is to my fingertips as rough as tweed; a topographical map revealing myriad detail. This, combined with my motor-manipulative skills, a dexterity honed over decades of practice 10 to 20-hours per day, allows me to do the things I do.)

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