Too Ridiculous to Contemplate: BioVlog 111 of 384

My goal is to continue upping the ante, making my show more and more difficult by creating and accomplishing sleights and gambling controls that others say are too ridiculous to even contemplate. 

I have been fanatically working on what I think will be the most effective, deceptive way to take a deck of cards legitimately shuffled by a spectator and deal out winning poker, bridge, Hold’em, and blackjack hands. 

I’m sitting at the Castle bar with Professor Vernon, waiting for my first show to start. As we sit I openly share my secret concept for dealing pat hands with Vernon, who is, to my surprise and consternation, skeptical. He explains with firm resolution, “combining the real work with your beautiful invisible Sweep Second can’t work. Your brain can’t react that fast.” He warns firmly, “You will break rhythm, and your fingers cannot be that sensitive! It can’t be done!”  

I’m both shocked and disheartened. Over the next ten minutes, I’m mulling over what Professor said can’t be done. Then like a revelation it occurs to me, “Hold it, I already can do it!” After mulling the concept over in my mind one more time, I take a deep breath and, with a touch of doubt – but with some hope, I say, “Professor, please come watch my show.”

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