Mother’s revulsion: BioVlog 12 of 384

My mother finally emotionally abandons my sister Lori and me. When my parents would visit friends, she did not want to be seen with us. It was fine with our kind father, but our mother would have none of it. “They’re staying in the car!” she would coldly order.

She would leave us stuffed in the backseat of that ‘54 Ford, burning in the summer and freezing in the winter for hours upon end. 

However, that is not the worst of it! 

Cemented under our one bedroom house, is my sleeping area, which can’t be sealed. When it rains, water seeps in growing mold everywhere. I develop acute breathing problems and am tortured with asthma attacks that last for weeks on end. No matter how much pain I’m in, she will not spend a dime on a Doctor call. It becomes evident having defective kids is loathsome to her. “But why?” I keep asking myself, “But why? I didn’t do anything! It wasn’t my fault!”