Table Talk 2

“At my table we have Kerry Jo, Russell Cedarburg, Glen Hansen, and Bernelle Hansen, all of which started performing with Richard in the early 70’s. I’m learning that Richard is a bit colorful. Can you share some of his weirdness or idiosyncrasies? Kerry would you mind starting?”

“Sure,” Jon, I didn’t know quite how to take Rick…he was a bit…uh… strange.”

“Yeah,” Cedarburg adds, “Rick is one of the only guys I know who is a whole lot weirder than I am.” 

“Yes,” Hansen continues with a snicker, “How about simple table manners? We had to encourage him to do little things like not holding the saltshaker way up in the air so he could see the salt falling.” 

“Or,” Bernelle adds disgustedly, “licking the drips off the catchup bottle top before passing it!”

“Jon,” Hansen adds, “For a time, he lived in the living room of our small one-bedroom apartment. We had to help him do little things like put something on before walking outside in the morning and spitting in the garden. He usually accomplished this by wrapping the bedsheet around himself.”

Cedarburg says with a laugh, “Jon, Rick was always broke. Once I threw a ‘costume potluck party’ where you were expected to bring a dish that was somehow related to your costume and Rick came with a bottle of water and wore swim fins and a mask!”